Welcome to Robert Owen Community Banking

 Citi Micro-entrepreneurship Awards - 
 Social and Community Impact Award winner 2015/2016 

Robert Owen Community Banking is a provider of fair finance to homes, businesses and communities across Wales. Our aim is to help build more resilient local economies by providing access to a range of financial products that help make locally invested capital work harder.

We are a not-for-profit company that takes in local investments and public funds in order to provide loans. Some of our loans help homeowners to make their properties better places to live, while others help new or existing businesses to grow. We also provide finance to communities for renewable energy projects.

Recycling money invested with us is a fair way of financing local economies and is what we call "community banking".

Banking services are an essential element in sustaining vibrant local economies. Our aim is to provide community banking as an alternative to big, faceless and distant banks, and deliver local and fair finance opportunities to Welsh homes, businesses and communities.

Robert Owen Community Banking is a Community Development Finance Institution (CDFI) and is a member of the Community Development Finance Association, now known as Responsible Finance.

How we’re different

We’re a social lending company you can trust. Created to help local people and businesses in Wales, we’re a not-for-profit alternative to the big banks.

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Business loans

Starting up a new business? Developing your existing company? We can help...

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Home loans

From repairs to greening your home, we’ve got the right home loan for you.

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