Is your community project at a standstill while you wait for your grant to arrive?

If so, we’re here to help.

Robert Owen Community Banking is a different type of lender. We’re here to help our communities in Wales to flourish. We believe that this can only happen if the right sort of investment is made – where the people and environment are at the heart of everything we do and not whether you tick all the boxes on the computer screen. Get in touch to find out more about how we can support your business, community project or home improvement needs.

In a tough financial climate, we’re seeing more and more charities and social enterprises being forced to dip in to their reserves. We then understand how delays in receiving your grant funds can severely affect your ability to deliver your projects – that’s why we’ve set up our Community Cashflow Fund.

We’re able to lend between £5k and £25k for up to 18 months at a rate of 2% interest per month.

In order to qualify, your accounts need to be up to date and you’ll need to have a good credit rating– we’ll also need to see a copy of your grant offer.

We’re happy to consider newly formed organisations but all applicants will need to demonstrate the ability to deliver on the grant requirement.

If you need help with a short-term loan get in touch with Jackie at or telephone 01686 626234