Cut Fuel Bills, Repair Your Home, Install Renewables

Zero % Finance for up to 5 Years

Keep Warm, Safe and Secure. Join the Green Revolution and install Renewable Energy. Help to Reduce your Fuel Bills. Get on top of those Repairs.

For Powys Home Owners

Home Improvement & Renewable Energy Loans

Up to £10,000 available

Improvements and Energy finance

0% Interest

1-5yrs repayment terms

No early repayment fees

For Powys Home Owners

ECO Flex Energy Efficiency Grant

You could claim for a new boiler

loft insulation

external wall insulation 

efficient storage heaters

For Flintshire Home Owners

Flintshire Fuel Fund

Up to £5,000 available

Connection to main gas funding

Between 2.0% – 6.25% fixed APR

1-5yrs repayment terms

No early repayment Fees

What Our Customers Say

  • After we won the contract with O2 we were worried about finance, but the Start Up Loan and ongoing support from you has been invaluable.

    Cenfyn ETO Music Practise
  • I couldn’t have done this without you, this loan has helped me move production from my kitchen table to a dedicated facility!

    Lori Coco Pzazz
  • I think I love you, thank you so much Jackie. We'll definitely stay in touch as I may need some help in the future.

    Hannah Black Barn Flooring