• Up to £12,000 per household available
    • 0% Interest
    • 1-5yrs repayment terms
    • No early repayment fees
    • Set up fee applies
    • Further funds available if your project will exceed £12,000*
    • See our FAQ below


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    Interest Free Loans for Home Improvements in Mid Wales

    At 0% APR, the cost of a loan for repairs, improvements or renewables could never be cheaper! Working with Powys council, we are helping householders and landlords make home life more comfortable, fuel bills more affordable and improvements more attainable.

    Our loans are easy to apply for and we can help you at any stage during the process if you need it. Get in touch today to see how you could apply for a 0% APR loan.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    How does the Zero Interest Loan Fund scheme work?

    The scheme uses funds that have been invested in Robert Owen Community Banking by Powys County Council and the Welsh Government.

    How much can I borrow?

    You are currently able to apply for loans up to a maximum value of £12,000 per household interest free*. 

    Should you require more than £12,000 to complete your project there are additional funds available*. This will be subject to interest charges of 7% per annum. Interest will only be charged on any amount over £12,000. For more information, please speak to our team who will be happy to provide representative repayment details based on your circumstances.

    *All applications are subject to affordability.

    Home Improvements included in the fund

    Welsh Government fund the home improvement and repairs side of the fund, with works including (but not limited to):

        • Double glazing
        • Damp problems
        • Disabled access
        • New radiators

    Please contact us to find out whether or not the fund will cover the works required at your home.

    Is the loan secured against my property?

    Powys County Council will take out a land charge over your property in order to secure the loan.

    Local Land Charges are used to register any restrictions or legal obligations in relation to a particular property or piece of land. When you take out a loan under one of our home owner loan schemes a local land charge is placed on the property for the duration of the loan. The Land Charge Register is updated by the relevant local authority and searches of this register take place as part of any conveyancing process. This means that if you sell the property or it changes hands by another means e.g. inheritance, any sums still owed as part of your loan agreement will become due.

    If I sell my home do I have to repay my ZILF Loan?

    Yes. You will normally be expected to pay up in full out of the proceedings of any sale.

    Am I eligible for a Zero Interest Loan?

    If you can answer yes to all the questions below, then you may be eligible to apply for a loan:

        • Is the property you intend to have the installation on situated in Powys?
        • Are the rates charged on that property paid to Powys County Council?
        • Are you the legal owner or co-owner of that property?

    What's The Process to Apply?

    Contact us to request an application pack. You will need to complete an application form, complete an affordability check through our partners at Plend and provide a consumer facing credit report. This will allow us to provide a decision in principle. Assuming your application is approved in principle we will request final documentation such as proof of ID and quotes. This will allow us to make a final decision and issue loan agreement paperwork.

    You have a 14 day “cooling off” period after we’ve received your signed loan agreement, just in case you change your mind.

    What if I take out a ZILF loan but then run into difficulties?

    Robert Owen Community Banking is a responsible lender. We will work with you to ensure that any loan you take out is affordable to you.

    If you get a loan and your circumstances change, we will look at how we can reschedule your loan to help you. This would be free of charge.

    What if I refuse to repay my Loan?

    The money that you will be borrowing originates from public funds. Where loans are persistently in default, we will take legal proceedings to ensure that all outstanding monies are returned.

    Home Improvement Loan

     Borrow up to £12,000

    Fixed 0% APR

    Further funds available if your project will exceed £12,000

    1 – 5 Year Repayment

    No Early Repayment Fee

    Set up fee applies

    Home Improvement Funding

    What our clients say...

    • All the staff I dealt with were helpful and patient, making the process straightforward.

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