Ethical Investment Opportunities for Businesses, Charities or Local Authorities

Why Make A Community Investment?

Many small businesses and individuals across Wales struggle to access affordable bank credit. At the same time, organisations are putting money into same banking system that excludes the local communities. ROCBF are closing the loop, operating a system of fair finance – connecting investors with those who need finance and creating a stronger local economy in Wales.

Business Community Investment

Businesses that are looking to invest their surpluses or reserves can do so through ROCBF. Our investment opportunities provide some really compelling rates that both support the local economy and the local community.

Charity Community Investment

Charities and other social enterprises that want to use their reserves for local benefit can do so through ROCBF. The money will be distributed to local people and organisations who will benefit in both the short and long term from investment.

Local Authority Community Investment

Local Authorities and Councils who understand the benefit and the regeneration value of targeted revolving loan funds. All money invested will be loaned to Welsh businesses and individuals who need help and support.

What Your Community Investment Can Do

Here are five examples of how locally invested capital has supported the growth of Welsh Communities:

1. A packaging company were able to purchase new production line machinery and cover the cost of two new staff to tender for and win a lucrative national contract.


2. A housing cooperative were able to switch to a renewable biomass heater, purchased and installed through a local company.


3. Our support enabled a young entrepreneur to establish a local nursery by covering the cost of setup and establishing two new local jobs.


4. We supported a local farmer to allow her to diversify into chocolate production. She subsequently secured a contract with John Lewis and is now supplying internationally.


5. We assisted a local teacher in escaping an expensive financial trap by buying out her existing loan and saving her £2,800 in interest payments.

Contact us to discuss how your money can be ethically invested in your local community and the expected rate of return.

We have significant experience in lending with over 500 clients and are regulated through our Consumer Credit Licence and registered with the Financial Conduct Authority. We seek to protect our investment funds through guarantees from the Welsh Government and local authorities in Wales.