Home Improvement Loan

Application Form – Monmouthshire

Thank you for your interest in the Monmouthshire Council Home Improvement Loan Scheme.

The application form will take approximately 10 – 15 minutes to complete. Please make sure you have details such as income, current borrowing and savings to hand. Following this, you will be required to complete an affordability assessment which will take up to 5 minutes and provide a credit report (details are provided on completion of this form).

Following this a Decision in Principle will be issued. If your application is approved in principle you will be asked to provide identification documents and quotes for works. (Other documents may be requested as necessary in support of your application such as proof of savings).

The information we ask you to provide on the application form is partly required under the Consumer Credit Act (1974), but is mainly to help is make an assessment of your ability to cover the repayments and the full costs of your installation. All information and documentation we ask you to provide is kept in strictest confidence.

Full information on the scheme, including Terms and Conditions for the scheme can be found here.