Mark WhiteCEO

    What do you do at ROCBF? – CEO

    What did you do before ROCBF? – I spent 24 years working in the mainstream commercial banking and finance sector before spending a few years in the world of Welsh Government funded business support. In the last 10 years, my work has been within the social finance field, developing loan funds for charities and social enterprises. Before joining ROCBF, I spent a year with a major international renewable energy company working on their community benefit funds programmes.

    Outside of ROCBF? – I have sat on the boards of two Welsh arts charities and have just joined the board of trustees of DRIVE, a charity supporting people with disabilities. My interests include cinema, opera and visiting historic buildings (being an old relic myself). I am also an avid collector of rare and obscure 60s and 70s soul.

    Contact Details

    Office: 01686 626234