Heart of Wales Economic Assessment

The Heart of Wales Economic Assessment

Could Mid-Wales businesses achieve more through closer economic co-operation?

Closer co-operation brings many benefits and could take us beyond the current, often wasteful, economic model that some summarise as ‘TAKE: MAKE: WASTE’.

Could Mid-Wales businesses work together better to do more to ‘REDUCE: REUSE: REGENERATE’?

With this in mind, please can you let us know how you operate at the moment and how your business is already adapting to a new way of working. We’re into finance, so we’ve added a few questions about the impact of branch banking changes along with a few financial questions to help us understand whether we should be offering a different level of support.

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We’d like to see how Mid-Wales businesses are currently operating to help inform how, and where, help might be directed. We’re also thinking about whether Mid-Wales could pioneer a model closer to a ‘Circular Economy’. Indeed, is Mid-Wales already well advanced in this thinking?

A Circular Economy model builds economic, natural and social capital and is based on 3 core principles:

  • Design out the unnecessary – remove waste & pollution
  • Design in re-use & recycling – keep products and materials in use
  • Partner with nature – regenerate our natural systems

A Circular Economy looks to redefine growth by focussing on positive, society -wide benefits.

Working to decouple economic activity away from the consumption of finite resources, along with the removal of waste out of the systems in which we operate and transitioning to renewable energy.

Once you’ve provided your views above, please share this poll amongst your networks.

With particular thanks to the following organisations for their support on this project:


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