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DTM Technologies was founded in 2014 by Alan Roberts. The Anglesey-based firm began by offering services in 3D visualisation and modelling, and have more recently expanded into completing topographic surveys using UAV’s and laser technology.

DTM TechPrior to starting DTM, Alan worked with a similar type of company, which he parted ways with to pursue his own creative direction. He initially funded himself, working from the garden shed which he converted into an office and workshop area.

To take his business to the next step, Alan borrowed £22,000 from Robert Owen to purchase a laser scanner. Investing in the laser scanner expanded the range of services he could provide, whilst also improving the accuracy, speed and efficiency with which he could deliver his work.

This opened up new opportunities in surveying, helping him to reach a greater number of clients. DTM Technologies has since been engaged in various high profile contracts with clients including Natural Resources Wales and Bangor University.

When we last spoke, Alan was in the process of completing a survey of Ffestiniog Slate Quarry, as well as an aerial inspection for Donald Insall, a renowned heritage architect.

We wish Alan many years of success and look forward to seeing what the future holds for DTM Technologies.

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