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Sector39, a former client of Robert Owen, teaches permaculture design courses in North Wales, across the UK and in Uganda. Their expertise includes permaculture, community gardening and green crafts. It was formed 2 years ago by Steve Williams, a former teacher of economics, ecology and sustainability, and a lifelong permaculture enthusiast.

Steve recognised the world was on a dangerous precipice and desperately needed a paradigm shift to create a sustainable future. He formed a partnership of teachers and facilitators, sharing a common interest in sustainability, community development, local produce, low impact building, traditional crafts and human scale development. Since 2014, they have delivered 30 full courses, each one 120 hours in length.

After 3 years of success, Sector 39 needed a business loan to take their work to a new level. The £9,000 funding they received from Robert Owen allowed them to run a successful pilot permaculture course for two weeks, teaching a network of community farmers and teachers in Uganda. This project generated the evidence that allowed Sector 39 to apply for Welsh government funding to return to Uganda and develop the programme.  This funding was accepted allowing them to return to Africa and begin a similar project, establishing the Perma-Africa centreSector 39 in Kenya.

The loan also allowed Sector 39 to work towards building a 3-year project bid to develop initiatives in their local community, which has been successful.  As a result of this, they have been able to employ two more people and develop a long-term plan for teaching and developing projects, around designing housing cooperatives and community gardens.

Sector 39 is another great example of what you can do with a Robert Owen Business Loan, and how this cannot only improve your life and business, but also the community around you. If you are ready to start that journey, or want to develop an existing business, contact us today on: 01686 626234 or visit our website at:

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