Domestic Heating Alternatives: Air Source Heat Pumps

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Air source Heat Pumps absorb heat from the outside air, to warm radiators, water and air conditioning systems. Like Ground source heat pumps there are clear financial motives to installing this system, both through fuel savings and the renewable heat incentive.

Air source heat pumps may appeal to people with smaller homes and gardens that would not be able to accommodate the machinery required to install a ground source heat pump. Like Ground source heat pumps, this system requires no fuel, and almost no maintenance, saving both on-going costs and hassle.

Air SourceThe cost of this system is slightly cheaper than a ground source heat pump, with installation costs ranging from £7000-£10,000. 

Fuel bill savings are still significant with this installation, depending on what heating system you currently use. With gas systems, fuel savings vary from £100 to £500 per year. With Electric heaters this saving ranges from £500 to £1200 per year. Needless to say savings usually become more significant if you use an Oil, LPG or Coal powered heating system. The government renewable heat incentive also provides some monetary reward for installers, with rates at the time of writing ranging from £1000 to £1400 per year.

Mrs Clifford, a former customer of Robert Owen who recently installed a Ground Source Heat Pump said, ‘If you can accommodate the space for the equipment, a Ground Source Heat Pump, combined with an under floor heating system can not be beaten on price or temperature’.

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