Domestic Heating Alternatives: Ground Source Heat Pumps

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Ground source Heat Pumps use pipes buried in the ground to extract heat, which can be used for to warm radiators, water and air conditioning systems. This system is very versatile and can be adjusted depending on the size of your garden and the amount of heat you require.

Ground Source There are clear financial motives to installing this system, whether it is savings on your fuel bill, or earning income through the governments renewable heat incentive. The system requires no fuel, and almost no maintenance, saving both on-going costs and hassle. Systems are usually warrantied for 10 years and work effectively for around 20 years, leaving plenty of time for you to earn your investment back.

The cost of installing a typical ground source system is usually around £13,000 to £20,000. This is a large investment by anybody’s standards, but the savings to be made and income to be earned is also proportionally larger than other heating alternatives. With a ground source heat pump, savings on gas bills will depend on the age and efficiency of your boiler, but can range from £200 to £660 per year, and savings on electricity bills will depend on the age and efficiency of your storage heater, but range from £400 to £1400. Savings become even greater when compared to LPG, Oil and Coal heating systems.  With regard to the renewable heat incentive, at the time of writing, the yearly payment for this system equates to between £2600 and £4000 per year. Ground Source

Mr Lewis, a former customer of Robert Owen who recently installed a Ground Source Heat Pump said, ‘It creates a constant and comfortable temperature throughout the house; better than anything we’ve had before. We used to spend £600 a year on oil for heating but the Air Source Heat Pump is a lot cheaper to run, and has knocked that down to about £150 a year’.

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